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Metrolab Three-Axis Teslameter (Gaussmeter), THM1176, 

The Metrolab THM1176 and TFM1186 are unique three-axis Magnetic Field Probes with USB Interface and power via the interface.

Fields from nT to 20 T, DC to 1kHz, can be measured with 1% accuracy. All three axes of the magnetic field are simultaneously measured to give an accurate total field amplitude independent of Probe orientation. The entire instrument has been reduced to a cable that can plug directly into the USB port on your PC or battery-powered handheld computer.

Metrolab Developments in Hand-Held Magnetic Field Measurement.
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Probe Overview
TFM1186 THM1176-LF THM1176-MF THM1176-HF THM1176-HFC
  1186 1176-LF 1176-MF 1176-HF
 Probe Type 3-Axis Fluxgate 3-Axis Hall Effect
 Range ±100µT ±8mT 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3T1 (calibrated to 3T) 0.1, 0.5, 3, 20T1 (calibrated to 14T) 0.1, 0.5, 3, 20T1
(calibrated to 1.5T)
 Resolution 65 nT p-p (2 kSps, no averaging);
4 nT p-p (100x averaging)
±2µT 0.1mT 0.3mT 0.3mT
Accuracy Gain: ±0.5%(<35 Hz); temp coefficient 100 ppm/°C
Offset: ± 100 nT; temp coefficient 1 nT/°C
±20µT ±1%2 ±1%2 ±1%2
30 x 32 x 70mm 10 x 16 x 113mm 10 x 16 x 113mm 10 x 16 x 113mm 0.5 x 2.0 x 42mm

1 Manual or auto-select range.
2 Accuracy for any field orientation; typically x10 better along primary axes.

The THM1176 and TFM1186 are available in two configurations:
Three-axis Magnetic Field Probe with USB Interface:
Utilizes a USB connector to connect to the Hall or Fluxgate probe to a computer with the supplied software that displays the total field and the components, numerically or graphically, records and plays back measurements, and allows you to scan a volume to find the maximum field value.
PC Software is compatability with Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and Mac OS X.

Three-axis Magnetic Field Probe with USB Interface and Tablet:
Industrial quality handheld computer allows you to take the Teslameter (Gaussmeter) anywhere you need. A heavy-duty battery, plus a spare, provides an autonomy of nearly a full working day. The AC adaptor comes with plugs for Europe, UK, USA and Australia. The software has the same functionality as on the desktop computer; source code is included. It all comes in a convenient, padded carrying case..

Common applications include: Testing of medical devices and monitors for MRI compatibility. Safety control in an MRI environment e.g. 5 Gauss line mapping, permanent magnet QC, mapping of magnet fringing field contours, evaluating magnetic shielding effectivenes, magnetic remanence mapping, magnetic particle inspection waveforms, compliance with IATA regulations for magnet shipments.

Last updated on: 25 July, 2018

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