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DaniSense Current Transducers (DCCT), DS Series 

DS600 DS2000 DS600 and DS2000
Current Transducers

DSSIU-6 Six-Channel
System Interface Unit (front and back)

The DaniSense (DCCT) DS Series Current Transducers are based on a flux-gate zero flux detector with closed-loop operation to provide a signal output current accurately defined by the number of turns in the compensation winding. They provide higher accuracy for Power Analyzer measurements and improved performance for power amplifiers.

Compared to previously available Current Transducers they feature:

  • Very high absolute amplitude and phase accuracy from dc to over 1kHz
  • Low signal output noise
  • Low fluxgate switching noise on the pimary
  • Enhanced electrostatic shielding to increase rejection of primary dV/dt coupling
  • Increased operating temperature range
  • Reduced mechanical dimensions
  • Full-scale current ranges to 2000Arms/±3000A peak in a self-contained head
  • Full-scale current range to 5000 Arms8000A peak with DS5000 head and electronics.
  • Options: Voltage Output Signal; Calibration Winding
  • Amplitude and Phase measurement to 300kHz included with each head

DaniSense Current Transducer Heads, DSSIU, Cables and Accessories are compatible with LEM IT Ultrastab Current Transducers.

Principles of Zero Flux Current Transducers

DaniSense DS Series Current Transducers - Specifications Overview
Model Version DS200 DS600 DS2000 DS5000 DS10000
Primary Current, rms 200A 600A 2kA 5kA 10kA
Primary Current, Peak ±370A ±1kA ±3kA ±8kA ±11kA
Turns Ratio 500:1 1500:1 1500:1 2500:1 2500:1
Output Signal, rms/Peak 0.4A / ±0.74A1 0.4A / ±0.67A1 1.33A / ±2A1 2A / ±3.2A1 4A / ±4.4A1
Overall Accuracy <33ppm <11ppm <20ppm <6ppm <6ppm
  Bandwidth Bands for Gain and Phase Error
<5kHz <100kHz <2kHz <10kHz <2kHz <10kHz <1kHz <5kHz <1kHz <5kHz
Gain (Sensitivity) Error 0.01% 0.5% 0.01% 0.5% 0.01% 1.5% 0.05% 1.5% 0.05% 1.5%
Phase Error 0.2° 4° 0.1° 0.5° 0.0 0. 0.0 0.5° 0.0 0.5°
Offset <30ppm <10ppm <10ppm <5ppm <5ppm
Linearity <3ppm <1ppm <10ppm <1ppm <1ppm
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 65°C 0°C to 70°C 0°C to 70°C
Aperature Diameter 27.6mm 27.6mm 68mm 150mm 140mm
1 Voltage Output options availible in ±1V and ±10V

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