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DaniSense Current Transducers, DS Series 
DaniSense Current Transducer Heads, DSSIU, Cables and Accessories are compatible with LEM IT Ultrastab Current Transducers.

DSSIU-6 Transducer Interface Unit and Power Supply,

Fully configurable dedicated 6-channel system interface unit for Danisense DS series current transducers. Powers up to 6 x DS50 to DS2000 at the same time. Heads may be mixed (e.g. two DS2000IDLA and three DS200IDSA). Uses DB9 to DB9 cable for connection to transducer head (see cables below) and provides banana jack outputs for signal output.

Supports calibration windings and has 6 slots for optional voltage output modules VOM (1V or 10V), specified upon ordering.

Includes AC mains power cable. Other cables not included.

Additional Data:
Datasheet: DSSIU-6-1U Datasheet rev. 10/20/2016, 1.87MB

DSSIU System

DSSIU-4 Transducer Interface Unit and Power Supply,

Provides Power and Signal connection for up to four Current Transducer heads. Heads may be mixed (e.g.: One DS2000ILLA and Three DS200ISSA Heads). DB9 connection to Transducer head and Banana Plug Jacks for Signal Output.

Includes AC Mains power cable. Other cables not included.

For Transducer Head to DSSIU-4 cable, see:
1411100001, 1411100002, 1411100003 ,1411100004 (descriptions below).

Additional Data:
  Datasheet: DSSIU-4 Datasheet v1.3, 444kB

Cables for Signal and Power, Calibration Winding Option

Signal, Power and Calibration Winding Cables
Part Number Length Termination A, Transducer Head Termination B Cable Purpose
1412100001 5m DB9M Banana Plugs Signal and Power Cable
1413100001 2m LEMO Banana Plugs Signal Cable
1411000005 5m LEMO Banana Plugs Calibration Winding Cable
1415100001 2m LEMO Banana Plugs Signal and Calibration
Winding Cable
1411000001 2m DB9M DB9F Signal and Power Cable.
For use with DSSIU-4 or DSSIU-6.
SP10381 2m DB9M Unterminated Signal and Power Cable1
SP10005 5m DB9M DB9F Signal and Power Cable.
For use with DSSIU-4 or DSSIU-6.1
1411000002 5m DB9M DB9F Signal and Power Cable.
For use with DSSIU-4 or DSSIU-6.
1411000003 10m DB9M DB9F Signal and Power Cable.
For use with DSSIU-4or DSSIU-6.
1411000004 20m DB9M DB9F Signal and Power Cable.
For use with DSSIU-4or DSSIU-6.1
1 Not suitable for DS2000 Current Transducers.

16900451 Primary Current Cable for DC or AC measurements to 500A rms. These cables are constructed using three flexible cables terminated in a lug.

These cables allow 'splitting' of the return current around the transducer, reducing the radiating loop area and improving frequency response.

Additional Data:
  Drawing: 16900451 Revision B - PDF - 78kB

Primary Current Cable
19908011 Primary Current Cable Cable Kit is for DC or AC measurements to 1,500A rms. The cables are constructed using four flexible cables with lugs. Plates on each side of the head locate the cables approximately, symmetrically around the head to reduce the radiating loop area and and improve frequency response.


IST-BR Burden Resistor Modules generate a Voltage Monitor Signal when the current output from a closed-loop current transducer is connected to the current input terminals of a Power Analyzer.

Additional Data:
  Datasheet: IST-BR Burden Resistor Module

Busbars are for DC measurements to 600A. Busbar is a solid bar with locating o-rings. Current cables are connected to each end.
IT 600-BB - Busbar for 600A transducer head

Forced air cooling may be required to maintain the Busbar temperature < 40C for continious operation at 600A.

Current Transducer Cabinet

The 11902340 Current Transducer Cabinet provides mounting for up to three 600A Current Transducers with 16900451 Primary Current Cables installed.

Additional Data:
  Drawing: 11902340 Revision A - PDF - 61kB

The 16928-0000-0 Adapter Plug changes the pin-out matching from older LEM / Danfysik
Current Transducers (IT 600-S and 866-600I) to newer LEM / Danfysik (IT 700-S or 867-700I)
or DaniSense transducers.

Additional Data: 16928-0000-0_A_IST600S_Adaptor_Plug.pdf 40kB


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