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Fiber-Optic Links  
Distributed Input/Output (I/O) modules from GMW enable data acquisition and system control functions to be placed locally at the transducer or controlled unit. This provides significant improvement in the S/N ratio and operational reliability, together with cost savings in cabling, installation & configuration, and in maintenance.

Analog Signals via Optical Cable
The PPM Point-To-Point (p2p) systems allows transmission of analog signals with a frequency response from DC up to 10 Mhz or 40Hz up to 3GHz via a fiber-optic cable.

Sentinel 3 Intelligent Links
Sentinel 3 is the world’s most advanced RF over fiber test and measurement systems for:

  • EMP test and EMC conformance
  • HIRF aircraft clearance
  • Simulated lightning testing
  • Impulse, time domain and NEMP testing
  • Low and high level swept frequency coupling measurements

Group3 FTR, Fiber Optic to RS-232 ConverterRS-232 to Fiber-Optic Converters
Provide voltage and ground-loop isolation with the Group3 FTR. This device converts standard RS-232 signals to light and then transmits them up to 1km away over low cost glass fiber. Power may be provided externally or from the serial port.

Group3 DI to DI OperationIsolated Control and Monitoring (without Computers)
Isolated control and monitoring with just a fiber optic cable pair up to 1000 meters in length, and without computer control. This configuration uses two Group3 Control CNA Device Interfaces (DI) modules in a direct communication mode. Analog I/O and digital status & control signals are transfered optically from one CNA to the other.

Group3 Control System Stylized ArtworkFiber-optic Isolated Computer Control
With its fiber optic serial data link, the Group3 Control system is very well suited to charged particle accelerator or other electrically noisy applications where voltage isolation and noise immunity is required. Host computer options include: PC, VME, CAMAC, or Standard Bus computers.

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