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Bergoz Beam Position Monitors, BPM 
Specifications - LR-BPM
  Beam Intensity Range  >50dB Single bunch 30pC to 10nC
  Single Bunch (or group of
 Width <=½ƒ
 e.g. for ƒ = 50MHz: 10ns max. width
 for ƒ = 500MHz: 1ns max width (or 3GHz bunches)
  Bunch / Group Trains  ƒ = repetition rate or multiple of rate. ƒmax = 500MHz
  Output Frequency  <5MHz repetition rate: Individual position reported
 >5MHz repetition rate: Average position is reported with
 5MHz bandwidth
  Input Signal (Max)
    Single Bunch
    Bunch Trains

 10V in 1nS, 50 ohms
 Depends on ƒ. At 500MHz: +5dBm, 50 ohms
    X & Y
    Logs of A, B, C & D
    Sum of Logs

 ±2V, 40mA max.
 0 to 2V, 40mA max
 0 to 2V, 40mA max
  Gain, X & Y
     ½ of aperture radius for
         orthogonal pickups
     ½ of aperture rotated pickups


  Noise (rms)
    Single Bunch
    Bunch Trains
 <3.5 x 10-3 of aperture. e.g. <150µm in 20mm radius
 <2 x 10-3 of aperture, in 0 to 5MHz bandwidth. e.g.
 <100µm in 20mm radius. Below -40dBm it increases by
 20dB/decade. Decreases with square root of bandwidth.
 e.g.<15µm above -40dBm in 100kHz in 20mm radius.
  Beam Intensity Position Dependence
    On Center

    Off Center

 Near zero. May be eliminated with the use of the beam
 based center determination accessory.
 ±3%. Worst case when beam is 6dB off center.
 e.g. ±7mm in a 20mm radius aperture.
  Temperature Drift  0.6 x 10-3 of aperture per °C.
  Trigger Output  >10nS trigger after single bunch
  Single Button Output  Output on "X": >0 to <+10V
  Button Address  Two address lines, TTL
  Single Button Sampling  Enable and Reset, TTL
  Fast Gate Mode  Enables TTL command
  Fast Gate  NIM (50 ohms, negative pulse, -16mA)
  PLL Lock Indicator  Front Panel LED
  Power Supply  +15V @ <300mA, -15V @ <300mA
  Rear Connector  DIN41612-M, 24 + 8 co-axial (8 used, size 1.0/2.3)
  Front Panel Connectors  DB9, female for test signals
 SMA, for optional IF output
 Rack Mounting Enclosure - optional accessory
  Type  19" Rack Mount Chassis, 3U, RF Shielded
  Capacity  16 BPM Euromodules
  Power Supply  ±15V output, 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz input
  Includes  One BPM test station
 Rear panel with SMA input for button signal inputs
 DB9 male connector for external command input
 DB15 female oupput connector per installed station
 Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  Tel: + 650-802-8292    Fax: + 650-802-8298
955 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070, USA