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Special Sale Offers - Clearance Items 

 Clearance Items

 All clearence items are limited to stock on hand, and subject to prior sale.

 Model / Part No.  Description
 Electric Current Measurement Instruments

LEM HTR Hall Current Transducers
 HTR 50-SB Current Transducer, Split Core, Hall Effect, ±100A primary, ±8V signal, DC-10kHz $110 

LEM LF Hall Current Transducers
 LF 305-S Current Transducer, Hall Effect, ±500A primary, ±250mA signal, DC-100kHz $110 
 LF 505-S Current Transducer, Hall Effect, ±800A primary, ±160mA signal, DC-100kHz $140 
 LF 2005-S Current Transducer, Hall Effect, ±3000A primary, ±600mA signal, DC-100kHz $380

LEM IT Ultrastab Current Transducers
  IT 200-S Current Transducer, ±200A primary, ±200mA signal $700 

LEM  ITP/ITZ Ultrastab Current Transducer Assemblies
  ITZ 600-SPR Current Transducer, 1 channel, 600A/25mm/20A (programmable), 10m transducer head connecting cable, 5m signal output cable. $4,330
 Electric Voltage Measurement Instruments

LEM LV Voltage Transducers
LV25-P Voltage Transducer, ±10mA, ±500V primary, ±25mA signal. $60 

LEM CV 3 Voltage Transducers
 CV 3-1000 Voltage Transducer ±1000V primary, ±10V signal $430 

LEM CV 4 Voltage Transducers
 CV 4-4000 Voltage Transducer ±4000V primary, ±10V signal $630 
 CV 4-6000 Voltage Transducer ±6000V primary, ±10V signal $630 
 Magnetic Field Measurement Instruments

Metrolab Three-axis High-field Hall Probe with USB Interface:
3-Axis Hall Probe with 6m cable; Full range calibration on 0.1, 0.5, 3T, and 20T ranges (20T calibrated to 3T1); Zero Gauss Chamber;
• 0.9m USB cable
• CD with acquisition software for PC (Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS X), LabVIEW source code for all PC software, and user’s manual
• Software license from Metrolab, including free updates

THM-1176-HF probes manufactured after July 15, 2013 (S/N 0000654) are calibrated to 14T in 20T range. Probes manufactured
   prior to July 15, 2013 are calibrated to 3T and are offered here on clearance.

For other discounted items, please view Damaged Items.

Terms and Conditions:
The above products are available for shipment to Canada, USA and Mexico only.
Prices are expressed in U.S. Dollars, FCA San Carlos, California, USA.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Net 30 days (subject to credit acceptance).
Delivery: Limited to stock on hand.

Last updated on 11 April, 2016

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